Doc & Email Mgt
SharePoint-Based Email Management

Email ManagementEmail has become the primary method of content communication.  Billions of business-related Email messages and attachments are generated daily yet most do not end up under document management control to ensure proper governance, discoverability, avoidance of duplicates and adherence to an information management strategy.  Handshake Software Email Director combines the power of Microsoft SharePoint’s rich document management functionality with the features for comprehensive Enterprise Email Management.

Handshake Software® Email Director streamlines the capture of business-critical Email and Attachments into SharePoint’s powerful document management capabilities.  Valuable information is no longer locked away or misfiled in hundreds of Outlook folders on individuals’ desktops.  Business-critical Emails and Attachments easily become part of the overall document management approach and can be quickly secured, searched, sorted and reviewed in context with other related content.

Email Director provides flexible and easy to use methods to simplify the capture and profiling of Email including “single mouse click” delivery into SharePoint, drag-and-drop and tool bar actions.   Business-critical data from line-of-business applications is automatically associated with the Emails and Attachments making it easy to find and review Emails and Attachments in the context of a client, project, office, department, person, documents, dates and other relevant information.  Email Director stores only a single copy of an Email or Attachment eliminating the vast amounts of storage space required to store duplicate messages and attachments.  

Even BEFORE you decide that a new Email should be included in the SharePoint document repository, Email Director automatically shows you ALL the other Emails and Attachments from the same person or company, or even on the same thread - all related to the new Email message - enabling you to understand the complete context of the new Email.

Feature: Benefits:
  • Auto-Profiling
  • Limits tedious profile demands on users
  • Profile with Organizational Metadata
  • Links Emails with other Business Processes
  • Background Processing
  • User is never blocked, transfers to the server do not interrupt user
  • SharePoint is leveraged as an Email Repository
  • Single KM Repository of all business documents
  • Information Panels Present Portal Information in Outlook
  • User is able to get a single view of the truth from within Outlook

More information is available on Handshake Software Email Director here.